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Bilecky says her kind and giving, with a vibrant, approachable nail-biter since they did it while wearing white exact words are hard to recall because she was glow. All three few months later, with Christmas lights as a was attracted to Bilecky and they were really wedding speeches—one from each of the backdrop. Bilecky soon showed her by planning a character Ron Swanson, even though Bilecky is close to their home and convenient for famreal first date to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan has still never seen an episode of the show. Mandir, a Hindu temple where they attended The couple honeymooned in South Africa They wanted a venue with both indoor and an outdoor sunset meditation.

They curcooperate. The Bell Tower has a beautiful turned from a warm orange to a threatening rently reside in the Heights, and are awaiting wine-cellar-inspired ballroom and is connectdark-blue. After they ran barefoot to the car, a visit from the stork. They tied the knot in her in the pouring rain. He loves weddings. Beautifully Matched Not Just Cosmetic Ivan Aguilar, left, and Abraham Lozano have found plenty in common beyond their careers, from food and shopping to a passion for romance.

Stylist Abraham Lozano and makeup artist Ivan Aguilar were designed for each other. By Henry V. Lozano, 33, is a well-known stylist who discovered his passion for hair and skin while studying business administration in college. Following his heart, he enrolled in cosmetology school. He found happiness and a new career, and has become known for his chic and modern hair designs. Today, he is a veritable celebrity in the Latino community—an in-demand makeup artist known for his contouring and corrective services.

His live videos with makeup tips and trends are seen in most Latin American countries. As a styling team, Lozano and Aguilar have worked with a multitude of celebrities, includ-. Both Lozano and Aguilar enjoy doing romantic things such as getting surprise tickets to a Pink Martini concert, followed by a dinner for two. July They spent the next five months planning an intimate wedding reception for their family and friends at Hotel Zaza. Their goal was to make sure the event reflected their personalities.

Confront those darker issues in our lives and avoid being controlled by hidden fears.

They chose the 11th-floor ballroom for its amazing views of downtown Houston, and decorated each table with centerpieces overflowing with hundreds of roses from the Mansion of the Flowers. While the grooms dressed, guests were served champagne cocktails that had been created especially for the evening, while a live saxophonist played smooth jazz in the background. Aguilar says an unforgettable moment came seconds before the couple entered the reception. When Lozano and Aguilar walked in, dressed in pink tuxedos, they were greeted with a standing ovation, cheers, and applause.

I cried like a baby. Guests were served a three-course dinner featuring green pozole soup, braised short ribs accompanied by grilled asparagus and au gratin potatoes, and a four-tiered cake with layers of walnut, vanilla, coconut, and strawberry, all decorated with sugar flowers. Henry V. Thiel is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine.

He loves New York City in the spring. Monthly seminars about cindy prenuptial agreements. Co-habitation Agreements. Pink News, The Fox show, which recently returned for a second season, is a successor to the horror fi lm. A recent episode of the show confi rmed that one of the main characters, former priest Father Marcus Keane Ben Daniels , is bisexual. But asked about the backlash, showrunner Jeremy Slater had a rather direct and profane response. Slater emphasized that most fans reacted positively to the kiss. I have a wife, I love my wife. But stop touching me all the time. Like, if you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it.

Brian] Sims and I were laughing about it. On the same day that the Pa. House Republicans are trying to fast track the most anti-trans bill in the country, their head bigot, PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, disrupted a State Government Committee meeting this morning - about a land use bill! The most homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic member of our government is using legislative time, and tax payer dollars, to interrupt a meeting to announce his sexual orientation.

May 12222 Horoscope: Decisions, Decisions

THIS is what a broken moral compass, combined with gerrymandered, false leadership, looks like. Republican state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe l was suspiciously freaked out by being barely touched by another man, in this case Democratic state Rep. Matt Bradford c. Gasps and laughter were audible throughout the room. Chris Azzopardi: Martha Stewart Weddings magazine famously introduced samesex couples into its pages in , with Jeremy Hooper and Andrew Shulman sharing their vows with family and friends in Litchfield, Connecticut. Why was it important to be at the forefront of marriage equality in that way, and what did that moment mean to you?

Equals in every single way, no matter what their Compromise Unnecessary proclivity is or what their sexuality Martha Stewart was at the is, or their color or their race. Oscar-winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy Slumdog Millionaire also deserves his due, even with some of the liberties he took in glamorizing the story for the big screen. Even Richard Nixon took time out from his Watergate scheming to call her and congratulate her on her triumph. Regardless of her successes, King was paid far below what she was worth.

The focus on the personal lives of King and Riggs is what truly gives Battle of the Sexes its emotional artillery. The buffoonish Riggs Steve Carell , long past his tennis glory days, is stuck in an office job in a company run by the wealthy father of his second and third wife, Priscilla Elisabeth Shue. Seeing King on TV only exacerbates the situation, leading him to return to tennis by challenging stuffy Australian tennis pro Margaret Court Jessica McNamee , whom he trounces and humiliates.

Married to tennis promoter Larry King Austin Stowell , who was by her side throughout her meteoric rise, Billie Jean confronts her same-sex attraction when she meets L. The sexual tension of their first meeting, and the intimacy they soon explore, is a reminder of how different things were for queer people more than Fox Searchlight foxsearch light. All sessions even include a workout segment for arms.

While the standard session lasts 45 minutes, longer classes are also available. Although these features certainly differentiate SoulCycle from standard spin, what renders the ride most compelling is the individual attention from the instructors, as well as the inspirational and practical motivational strategies. From the beginning, a major pillar of the brand was its emphasis on community—and this spirit of inclusiveness manifests itself loudly and proudly.

You belong. We want you. Team member Peru Flores recalls riding on the float as a particularly meaningful moment for him. Many riders not only gain spiritual satisfaction, but are also inspired to become instructors. He eventually completed the intense training required to lead riders from the podium. With everything going on in the world, SoulCycle can be a place where you just disconnect from the noise and have a safe space for 45 minutes or an hour to not only work out, but mentally decompress.

Or, do the complete opposite: work your s--t out and cry and be angry and let things go. Thank you, OutSmart Readers! Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Five Star Wealth Managers. Three albums from that transitional year have been reissued in fancy and fantastic expanded box sets to commemorate the 40th anniversary of each. In some ways, with their involvement in the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, the Bee Gees simultaneously celebrated disco while forever changing their own creative history.

This is especially true of the first chapter of their career during the mid- to lates. Included in the attractively packaged box set are two versions of the soundtrack. The first is the double LP set, restoring the music to its original vinyl setting. Directed by John Badham, it was the movie that earned John Travolta his first Oscar nomination and showed off his dancing skills as well as his assets in black briefs and tight polyester pants.

Mirror balls are sold separately. Like the Bee Gees, Queen was a band that had distinctive periods in its career, from progenitors of British prog and metal to rock operetta and glam—and eventually to pure pop, even incorporating elements of dance music. The robotic monster on the album cover is a perfect illustration of the force Queen would unleash with the album.

So are the Ramones, whose debut album was released in , followed soon after by two albums in Favorite Community Photographer! We have major carriers to shop, including Allstate, to find you the best rate without compromising coverage. Take a breath, and you do you. People like you the way you are.

In , women in the United States could not legally vote. None of that was a concern to Harry Gorman, though: well-traveled, adventuresome, and married, Gorman lived in Buffalo, New York, where he was known as a good man. Except that Gorman was anatomically a woman. That surely came as a surprise to doctors, jailers, and undertakers who discovered the secrets of Gorman and men like him.

But Skidmore says that the opposite is true of everyday folks, as evidenced by articles in many small-. It was downright disgraceful, in fact, and so Gaines cut himself badly, and ended up in a hospital with a referral to a regional psychiatric facility. On a late winter day in , at the age of 15, Gaines entered Payne Whitney. So why read it? Because One of These Things First, now in paperback, is an enormously good memoir.

Delphinium Books delphiniumbooks. Perhaps because the science of sexology was still in its infancy and words were lacking, many of the men explained their actions as a way to make a living, or because it was more comfortable to dress and live as a man. However, intolerance was never far away. Using the tales garnered from newspaper accounts of the day, author Emily Skidmore shows how small-town residents around the turn of the last century viewed trans men—and at the same time, the women who loved women.

Not only are those stories fascinating, but they contain a certain quaintness that belies what can be read between the lines. Terri Schlichenmeyer has been reading since she was three years old, and she lives on a hill in Wisconsin with two dogs and 11, books. Jos N.

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Jos is a big part of me now. I watched his stance. How much bigger can you get than a Broadway show? Among its other accolades is the Grammy for Best Musical Album. Everybody was so sweet, and the barbecue was the bomb. Our ER wait times are typically 10 minutes or less. SignatureCare treats minor and major emergency care needs 24 hours a day. A 3 bedroom 4. Gray St. Thank You for supporting OutSmart advertisers! Have your business listed here. A new LGBT motorcycle riding group is being put together for those in the Houston area who like to get out and ride!

All rider experiences welcome! Please contact jasonmwilson sbcglobal. Successful candidates must be organized, self-motivated, energetic, outgoing, creative and goal-oriented. Previous experience in advertising and marketing sales preferred. See the OutSmart website for more details. Perfect for Psychotherapist, Personal Coach, etc. Utilities, Phone, Voicemail included. Career goals and career advancement are especially significant this month, and for the entire year. You are moving forward, but you are being extra-cautious with each step. Toward the middle of the month, finances become the lead item on the menu.

This month is a good time to get your financial matters in order and try to free yourself from debt. As begins, you are taking a break from all of the holiday activities and retreating to a place of sanity. Although your career area continues to be very active through the end of the month, you are pacing yourself and may feel more comfortable working behind the scenes. This is an excellent month for yoga or tai chi. As we approach the end of the month, you move out of the retreat phase and your energy levels return. The eclipse on the 31st activates relationships, so there could be a new person coming into your life if you.

If you are involved, there may be new work and social opportunities for your partner. You are going to be more social this year. December and January are always more socially active times for you, and this year is no exception. You feel that you can add some order and help them accomplish things more easily. The organization will also provide you with a level of support for your own projects. But you will be very choosy about which organization you select.

By midmonth, you need some time to yourself even though the activity in your career sector gets very busy after the 27th. It may be hard to find time for yourself. To see what the new year has in store for you, see page For more astro-insight, log on to lillyroddy. Ladies enjoy Wet and Wild Wed. Happy hour 8—10pm; free cover before 11pm.

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Its 6, square feet also offers theater-sized viewing screens and VIP rooms. Sunday evening drag shows rule the roost. F BAR This boutique nightclub offers elegance without arrogance and features a stage, dance floor, VIP area, glass-encased quiet bar, and attractive patio. Sports Saturdays and Sundays start at 3pm with dart and pool tournaments. Hundreds of meetings a week in your area. Call or visit www. Noon-2am every day, Hyde Park, Wednesday features Steak Night and Bingo.

Free dance classes on Thursdays and Karaoke. Karaoke on Wed. What is your favorite shot to make? To drink? Who are the hardest customers to please? We all know them. The Black Hawk Leather shop located inside the club. No cover before p. Open every night from 7pm—2am. Drag shows Wednesday—Sunday. On Sat. No cover before 11pm. Amateur dance contest each Thurs. Opens daily at noon. This month we have two Full Moons, one New Moon, and an eclipse, making for an eventful month for all of us! The second and third weeks of the month are the most active.

The New Moon is on the 16th in Capricorn. We will be looking to bring integrity to our values. Finally, on the 31st there is a Full Supermoon eclipse in Leo. We see ourselves as we are, and not how we want to be seen. Career focus and social obligations are the important directions for this month. This can be a good month to look for a better position or start your own company. Business associations and friends can be especially supportive in the latter half of the month.

You will feel very comfortable about making decisions in January. January is a very dynamic month for relationships! If you are single, this is an excellent time to be meeting new people for friendships and possible romance. In the latter half of the month, you are more focused on your career and business obligations. The eclipse on the 31st will be a big stimulant for your career. Keep a watchful eye on your bank balance.

Trust, shared resources, and personal intimacy are what you are concentrating on as the new year begins. With finances, this is a time of looking at your investments, developing a budget, and cleaning up your financial picture. By midmonth your attitude lightens up some, but you are still keeping a more serious and somber tone. In relationships, you want to make sure that you and your partner agree on goals and directions. At the end of the month, your relationship will need some attention.

Relationships are. This month starts that process as you begin to evaluate and reestablish long-term goals for those partnerships. This applies to both personal and business partnerships. Long-term security will be uppermost in your mind all year. Finances take over your focus by midmonth. This would be a great time to free yourself from those financial limitations. And lastly, the beginning of the year is an excellent time for you to get out and exercise to improve your health.

LEO July 23—August One of the places you will focus your attention is at work. You will want to improve your work environment, computer systems, and even how your desk is arranged. This is also an excellent month for you to start any kind of exercise or health regimen. By the middle of the month your attention has shifted to relationships. This would be an excellent time to renew or fortify your existing boundaries by getting out of town for a weekend.

Your family has been very demanding, and your patience with them is running out. This is just another good reason to find some time to get away from your routines. Your creativity and communication skills are lining up for January. This may be the month that you take a hobby you enjoy and turn it into a moneymaking proposition. January is also an excellent month for trying to promote yourself or your business.

By mid-January, we are back into our routines and trying to include those creative projects that we worked on earlier in the month. Near the end of the month, you will be putting a lot of extra attention into your home. Some of you may move, while others are doing remodeling or redecorating. It may be very hard to be patient around your family this month.

Taking a nice walk may be much better than yelling at someone.

Magic Horoscope Aries

Family, career foundations, and your home are all highlighted this month. With your home, you may be considering moving or remodeling. You will want your nest to be a more comfortable and less problematic place. There are some big changes taking place in your family, and it may be your time to step up and take on more of a. You may have to be very direct and honest instead of being as polite as you would like to be. By the middle of the month, you are ready for a break from all the responsibility. Being around children or being more childlike can really lighten up your mood.

This is also a good month to make some investments or start a savings plan. January continues to be another busy month for you. Your energy level is very strong, but it may still be very easy for you to become exhausted. This is a great month to meet people for business, socializing, or both.

Get Madame Clairevoyant every week.

This is also a good month to get away with your partner for a romantic retreat. If you are single, this is a great time to meet people, as you are feeling more positive about yourself. You will also need some time for a retreat from all the activity, so you can get re-centered.

Finances, investments, and making better use of your personal resources are all on the menu this month. Because you are more boundary-conscious, it will also be easier to say no to people. You are in a bit of a retreat time. By midmonth, you are feeling lighter and less pressured. Your communication skills improve as you connect more to your natural rhythms.

You will get a big boost of energy at the end of the month that will carry you through mid-March. You will have more courage to initiate new projects, especially for self-promotion. This is also an excellent time to begin any new exercise or health plan. Happy birthday to the Capricorns! This is your personal yearly cycle when you reflect on your goals and accomplishments from the previous year. You are also ready to create new aims and aspirations for Pictured are performers.

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Tel: www. Creating extraordinary spaces since E s t imate d OutSmart is published monthly. She plans to take some of that influence and expertise with her as she develops new, history-making candidates across the country. In India, non-binary genders have existed within communities that date back thousands of years, despite the fact that anti-sodomy laws dating back to the British rule were only recently struck down in , then restored after the Supreme Court reversed the ruling in in a surging wave of homophobia.

M oney S mart By Grace S. I f you have money invested in stocks, you are probably aware that was a good year for the markets. Bryan K.

Connect with us! Gritz, M. Leach Photo by Ashkan Roayaee ight years ago, Fran Watson fell two-and-a-half stories from a rockclimbing wall in Austin. It is a principle Watson says has been lost in recent legislative sessions that have focused heavily on anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, and anti-abortion legislation. Houston, TX info lawkn. He has served on the boards of nonprofit organizations advocating for affordable hous- ing, historic preservation, and support for those struggling with addiction.

Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman, a year- old lesbian, won a seat in the Oklahoma Senate by beating out a Republican in a conservative Tulsa district. Marshall Stein Dr. The other is Congressional District 27, where gay candidate Eric Holguin and trans woman Vanessa Edwards Foster are among a slew of Democrats who have filed to run for the seat being vacated by U.

By Andrew Edmonson J ames Baldwin is back with a vengeance. In the s, he began to produce the great works that would define his legacy. Alabama St. Preventive Dentistry Join us for Registration and Breakfast at a. Do you have the LOOK? Tran, DDS J. AllstarsDental gmail. A s I neared the middle of my life journey, and more specifically at the beginning of , I found myself astray in a dark forest.

Ironically, I saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel in a pitch-black room while riding a bike to nowhere at the River Oaks branch of SoulCycle. A consummate gym rat, I have always loved a good workout, but at SoulCycle, every sweat session is buttressed with mes- sages of positivity, sincere fellowship, and camaraderie. Pebble Pots Handcrafted in Bali Houston, Texas You Want David! Add the lasting value of Real Estate to your investment portfolio. You can help by becoming a temporary foster home partner. Hello ! C O M fcc-houston. Shepherd Dr. Suite A Houston, TX Galveston Restaurant Week is one of those special events that our guests really enjoy.

Call today. COM Spacious apartment homes and luxurious finishes create a sophisticated ambiance. Houston, TX merlincpa. Send your cover letter and resume to employment outsmartmagazine. As a styling team, Lozano and Aguilar have worked with a multitude of celebrities, includ- ing Ms. Experience Understanding Expertise Monthly seminars about cindy prenuptial agreements. Co-habitation Agreements Cindy Hide ch cindyhidelaw.

The sexual tension of their first meeting, and the intimacy they soon explore, is a reminder of how different things were for queer people more than 40 80 JANUARY OutSmartMagazine. Positive sPin continued from page 51 candles. You want someone to stimulate your frontal lobes! Health issues are still bugging you, but changing your diet and including exercise in your routine will make you feel much more energetic. In the latter half of the month, publishing, teaching, taking classes, and travel are all tempting you. This is a good month to consider university study or getting more training in your particular field.

Watch your commitments! The early part of the month is a great time to market or promote your services. In the middle of the month, you are making good use of your resources and doing very well with time management. This is a good month to improve bad health habits and try new places to eat! Relationships take the spotlight in the latter half of the month. If you are involved, this is a great month to get away from your routines and renew those connections.

You are looking for more intimacy, and for a partner who is open and willing to express how they feel. At the very end of the month, money and finances capture your attention as you try to make your resources go farther through budgeting or better investments. This is a great time for home improvement, a family reunion, or just entertaining friends at home. As the month progresses, you are looking for more fun and relaxation. You want to be more creative and less structured in your activities.

Children can be a very positive force in your life at this time, since they can help you free your inner child that you keep hidden away in a box in the corner. Your health sector is active at the beginning of the month, and only gets more active after midmonth. This is a good time to improve your working conditions so you have less stress, better boundaries, and less conflicts with coworkers. Toward the end of the month, relationships will be more important.

Your partner will want to be heard! You are much more vocal and to-the-point about your views. At home, you are focused on cleaning out the closets, garage, and store rooms. Family activities can be a lot of fun this month, but only if you want to be there. For some, this can be a time of moving, remodeling, and making your home safer and more comfortable. In the latter part of the month, work relationships can be tense. You may put yourself in a leadership role to improve conditions, or to be the burr in the saddle that promotes change.

Relationships are good, if they have plenty of freedom and limited expectations!

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You are doing more and more of what you want to do, and less of what you expect yourself to do! This is also a great time to consider asking for a raise or seeking a new position. You continue to be more outspoken as you focus on rescuing yourself instead of everyone else. This month is very good for taking care of all those small jobs around your home and office. Your home continues to be an active place for parties and family gatherings. Career energies continue to be very positive through early November of this year. This is a good time to start your own business, market and promote your services, or take on a leadership role by teaching team-building.

Enjoy this busy month! But the last week of the season Mid to late June, the skies are filled with challenging astrological setups that will call on our determination and best self-care strategies. Knowing this ahead of time can make all the difference. So you may want to use the last part of May and the first two weeks of June to get projects going and good work done. Meanwhile, the new moon in Gemini on June 3rd will remind us that our words have incredible power.

This new moon is an invitation to get clear on our messaging and align our actions with them. And the full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th is a beautiful one that will highlight our growth and give us many an insight into the abundant power of generosity. It will, however, be flanked by some of the more challenging astrology of the season. Illuminating power struggles, the full moon will ask us to rise above the ego dramas that dominate our timelines and human lives far too frequently. What would be the most challenging and soulfully satiating thing to try this year?

The full moon highlights the love in your life and reminds you to praise all of it. Money issues will also arise, calling on your courage and your best strategies for outsmarting any feelings of unworthiness. Gemini Season is a precursor to your own. Do any and all behind the scenes work necessary around the new moon. Excavating old ways of working is key if new systems of thought are needed. The full moon will bring a work project to your attention. The trick is to stay with the solutions, as problems may be plenty. Gemini Season wants you out with friends, colleagues, and social networks of all kinds, helping you hatch new plans with dream teams.

The full moon celebrates your creative work and romantic relationships, while encouraging you to celebrate the moment. Still, a little reprieve helps the medicine go down. Gemini Season wants to see you shine in professional and public roles.