21 december horoscope for leo

Party time.

Leo Horoscope Week 21st December 2015

The December full moon will crest in the lunar-ruled sign of Cancer on Saturday, Dec. This not only marks the final fully-lit luminary of the year, but it's also taking place less than a day after the peak of the winter solstice also known as the shortest day of the year and first official day of winter.

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December's full moon is also notably going to be the longest full moon we've seen in nearly a decade , serving up more than 15 hours worth of bright, glowing view time — so you'll want to get your moon-goddess-self outside into the night and bask in its glorious moonbeams.

We've had a couple doozies moon-wise this past month, boiling tensions right out of the pot and causing everyone to feel a wee-bit delusional.

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But December's full moon is bringing us a sweet chance to heal from the rocky past month, and it may even have some happy cosmic surprises in store. Both the last new moon and full moon were in hard aspect to Mars, planet of war, which definitely made us hot-headed and quick to feel frustrated. But December's full moon offers us a much-needed change of pace. That all said, what's a full moon without some classic full moon tears?

Cancer is a water sign and its ruling planet is the moon herself — so you can bet this sign is more than a little emo. But that's not a bad thing! It's all part of the full moon flow, ya know? So yes, we're emo! But we're also healing! And we're overall feelin' good! This moon also happens to be in a favorable aspect to beloved weirdo planet Uranus, so you might find yourself in the midst of some exciting cosmic synchronicity — along with the bonus urge to let your freak flag fly. Don't be afraid to be your unique, one-of-a-kind self under the light of this moon!

Have fun with it and embrace your intuition. You might find yourself blessed by some pleasant surprises, amusing coincidences, and unusual bursts of inspiration. We're closing out the year with an emotional but good-vibe-wieldin' luminary, and all zodiac signs are going to feel its power.

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Bustle chatted with Stardust about how the December full moon will affect each sign , so check out what the stars have in store for you as these winter moonbeams hit their peak. It's definitely chill-from-home and work-from-home Emotional healing is on the menu during this luminary, Taurus, so take advantage of the vibe and apply the energy to any relationship in your life that needs it.

Everything is being illuminated by this moon, especially when it comes to emotions, so allow yourself to forgive and heal as you close out the year. It's way too easy to spend into an oblivion of debt while on holiday shopping binges. Like, we all feel you.

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But just be cautious, Gem, because this moon is highlighting some touchy money issues for you. Embrace exploration during this lunation, but focus on the journeys that exist within your the dark crevices of your imagination. There is no nocturnal illumination during a new moon: The sky is completely dark.

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In the past, our ancestors would use this time to focus inward by storytelling, mythologizing, and stargazing. It's important to let this moon inspire introspection. Capricorn season begins on Friday, December 21 , as the sun shifts into this enterprising sign. Capricorn energy is all about manifestation, so for the next few weeks, consider what you would like to welcome in the New Year. Whether you're focusing on career, relationships, health, or emotions, the sun's movement through Capricorn will help you come up with practical solutions that guarantee success.

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The full moon in Cancer on Saturday, December 22 will create a powerful opposition between our foundation and our aspirations. During this bright, vivid sky, don't be surprised if you become suddenly aware of the cost of your achievement. However, don't panic. Everything in life is always a balancing act, so this sharp perspective is nothing to fear. Let the full moon's nocturnal radiance broaden your horizons. Quite fittingly, Mars — the planet of action — drifts into impulsive Aries on Monday, December 31 , right in time to ring in Aries is governed by Mars, so when this planet occupies the fiery zodiac sign, we're ready to launch into action.

There will be a lot of energy this New Year's Eve, so if you are sensitive to the collective consciousness, you may want to sit this one out. With Mars feeding off Aries, will definitely be going out with bang.

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  • Mars the planet of action moves into Aries on Monday, December 31 , which is huge news for you. Mars is your planetary ruler, so when this fiery celestial body activates your own sign, the results are explosive. Read your full December horoscope here. A new astrological season begins on Friday, December 21 when the sun dips into Capricorn.

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    Mercury goes direct on Thursday, December 6 , adding some levity to your daily routines. Now that the planet of expression is back in business, however, you can pick up where you left off.

    A new moon in Scorpio on Friday, December 7 sets the stage for the year ahead. Thankfully, the final month of is off to a fabulous start: On Thursday, December 7 , Mercury finally goes direct. Capricorn season kicks off on Friday, December 21 , as the sun shifts into this hard-working earth sign. Interestingly, this Capricorn energy will be putting you in an extremely domestic mood.